Jack and Jill Night at Pino's in Highland Park, NJ


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Join us for an evening of West Coast Swing dancing in a very unique space! Plus, we are not only teaching lessons and social dancing, but also offering an open level mini Jack and Jill Competition! What is a Jack and Jill competition??? Jack and Jill is a format of competition in partner dancing, where the competing couples are the result of random matching of leaders and followers. JnJ competitions are intended to test social dance skills (leading/following) as well as musicality, whereas fixed partner competitions test performance dance skills (choreography). JnJ's are so exciting and fun. It's social, it's exhilarating, and everyone should try it, at least once! 

🚩We want to provide you as with as much social dancing as possible and registering for the JnJ now will help us get organized and make the event run smoother. Take a minute and fill out the form to register as a leader or follow.

✅Let us know you're coming and RSVP on Facebook.

ADMISSION: $15 for lesson/dance + $5 JnJ entry fee (all entry fees go to cash prize winners!). 

ADDRESS:13 N 4th Ave, Highland Park, New Jersey 08904

7 to 7:30 Happy Hour & Warm Up Dance
7:30 to 8 Beginner Lesson with Guest Instructor
7:30 to 8 Adv Beginner Lesson with Guest Instructor
8:00 to 10:30 Social Dancing with Guest DJ(s)
9:30 Jack & Jill (mini competition w/ a cash prize)
9:45 to 10:30 More Social Dancing!

Holiday Party at IM Gallery Dec. 4th, 2015

Please join us for an exciting evening of West Coast Swing dancing, with a fantastic lineup of instructors, social dancing, and mini open level Jack and Jill competition (please fill out the form below to sign up for JnJ). The instructors will also be offering private lessons at a reduced fee. If you would like to book a private lesson, please contact the instructor directly (see details below).

Admission $20

Address: IM Gallery - Highland Park Dance is located at 233 Raritan Avenue (rear), Highland Park, N.J. 08904

Plenty of free public parking available. For parking locations, please visit: http://www.dancinginhighlandpark.com/MapIMRC2.htm


7:00pm Social Dancing in the Main Studio, with private lessons in the Downstairs Studio.

8:00pm Workshop #1 in the Main Studio with Jes Ann Nail and Chuck-Hou Yee, with private lessons in Downstairs Studio.

8:30pm Workshop #2 in the Main Studio with Chrissy Bridgeman and Akil Boatwright, with private lessons in the Downstairs Studio

9:00pm Social Dancing

10:30pm Open Level Fun Jack and Jill competition, with private lessons and event passes awarded as prizes (please fill out the form above to sign up for JnJ).

11:00pm More social dancing

11:45pm J&J Awards followed with more social dancing.


Akil Boatwright: akilboatwright@gmail.com

Bio: http://www.dancinginhighlandpark.com/AkilBoatwright.htm

Chrissy Bridgeman: chrissybridgeman@gmail.com

Bio: http://www.dancinginhighlandpark.com/ChrissyBridgeman.htm

Chuck-Hou Yee: 916-402-9470

Bio: http://www.dancinginhighlandpark.com/Chuck-HouYee.htm

Jes Ann Nail: 512-574-3734

Bio: http://www.dancinginhighlandpark.com/JesAnn.htm

For more information, or to reserve a table, please contact Marc Liebeskind at 201-320-9176, or by email: Marc@dancinginhighlandpark.com

Please visit the website for information about all the activities at IM Gallery.http://www.DancingInHighlandPark.com/

To join the mailing list, please visit: http://dancinginhighlandpark.com/PHPmail/?p=subscribe&id=1