AiM Dance & Yoga is amazing! Jes Ann has such an amazing, welcoming and fun energy while being a smart and fantastic teacher. She makes you feel excited to continue going to class and you learn so much so fast! The group classes are my favorite and I would recommend them to anyone. Even if you’re a beginner and need to drop in mid-season of a class schedule, she will take time to catch you up. The social dancing is super fun and helpful and once you go to a social dance after class, you realize just how much you’ve learned! Jess Ann is always helpful to answer any questions and break down any moves that may confuse you. She is so talented and fun, you can’t go wrong with choosing AiM Dance / Jess Ann for your dancing adventures!
(Try the West Coast Swing! SO much fun! The community is fantastic!)
— Kristina B.
Jes Ann is a talented, effective, professional dance instructor, with a cheerful and engaging personality. It has been my pleasure to learn west coast swing dancing from her, and I recommend her highly. She is without a doubt one of the best dance instructors around.
— Peter W.
Fantastic! Jes Ann did such a great job teaching the class... she really made it a lot of fun. When I started I did not know anything at all and now I’m dancing everywhere. I highly recommend it and I’m planning on signing up for new workshops soon.
— Ben P.
Starting from zero dance experience, I started learning West Coast Swing in Jes Ann’s group classes. Jes Ann always brings humor, patience, and moments of personalized instruction to her group classes. Within a few weeks, I learned enough of the basics to feel comfortable dancing socially, which Jes Ann encouraged the class to do. Half a year later, I’m happy to say these classes were a real transformative experience for me. They laid the groundwork for a dance practice that I will continue through the rest of my life and lead me to join a welcoming and supportive community of swing dancers in NYC. I can’t recommend this studio more highly.
— Derek F.
Is it possible to rave about Jes Ann enough?! I have been dancing for years, but was really struggling with west coast swing. With Jes Ann’s instruction, encouragement and patience I was able to wrap my head around the beautiful nuances of this style and found the freedom to develop my own flare. Now all I want to do is DANCE! She creates a safe learning environment full of enthusiasm and joy - every classroom should have what she brings to the table.
— Natasha S.
My fiancé’ wanted to learn to dance for our first dance at our wedding and found Jes online. We started with the basic classes and really enjoyed it so we kept at it for 3 more months, also took some private lessons that helped tremendously! Come our wedding day, we had a wonderful first dance, really enjoyed ourselves and got rave reviews from our family and friends. Now that the wedding is over, we are going to continue with the lessons. We really enjoy dancing and Jes has been a great teacher, never pushing us too far, always explaining the reasoning to the steps and how they will build to other steps. Not only is Jes a great teacher, she’s a great dancer and really inspires us to keep learning and trying new things.
— Megan S.
A great instructor connects with their student, stimulates their willingness to learn and adapts their approach to changing needs”. Jessica Nail embraces these characteristics of a great instructor and for that we have been honored to have her as our dance teacher for over 4 years. She is an accomplished and talented dancer and her love for dance, cheerful demeanor and continual encouragement inspires and motivates us. Over the years, Jessica has become like family to us and we owe her a great deal for molding us into the dancers we are today.
— Lisa and Cliff F.
Both my boyfriend and I have taken west coast swing classes with Jess over the course of several months in privates and in group with jess and dereck.

Privates with jess: Jess is a really gifted dancer and an equally gifted instructor. I have taken workshops and privates with other instructors, but what I learn from jess is really all I can retain and execute for use on the dance floor. Her classes are adapted to suit my level and learning style yet still challenge. Most of all, she has the ability to critic you and make you laugh at yourself instead of make you consider quitting. I love privates with her and hope I’ll dance like her one day :)

Group classes with Dereck and Jess: they rock it as teaching partners on group classes!! Highly recommend any combination of group lessons and/or privates with them!
— Jill S.
We have taken lessons from Jessica for 4 years. She is very knowledgeable about ballroom dancing. Jessica maintains a very good balance between making each lesson informative and fun at the same time.
— Ed and Elena D.
My Dance lessons with Jes were some of the best I’ve ever had. She got me off my feet and showed me what West Coast Swing was all about. She was always, always professional, on time, and for a great price too. I now think of her as a good friend and I’m always excited when she comes to Texas.
— Tyler J.
Great teacher, she was fun,and enthusiastic the whole lesson! Would highly recommend to all my friends!!
— Marley J.
My boyfriend and I took swing dancing lessons from Jes. To say that we are klutzy would be an understatement. However, Jes was always so patient and made the dancing so much fun. My boyfriend was pretty reluctant about it until he met Jes and then he was on board.
Jes was always so sweet and remembered what we had told her on previous visits. She’s also an AMAZING dancer and I’m always so impressed by her skills.
— Jenna D.
Jessica taught my husband and I our first dance at our wedding. It was a salsa number. She gave us great direction since we were both beginners, but I felt like a pro when we were done! She made sure our dance looked great. We had tons of compliments and I rewatch the dance over and over again. Thank you, Jes!
— Crystal T.
Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Jessica in preparation for the 2011 Dancing With The Stars Campaign for the Center for Children Protection. I was the STAR – by designation; she was the star – in fact. I agreed to come out of my political cocoon to help raise money for our kids. Thanks to Jessica, I practiced hard, had fun, listened to everything she told me to do, and followed half of it (the obedient level for politicians). I found Jessica to be immensely talented, incredibly professional and pleasingly patient. My experience and results justify this testimonial that any person would be wise to entrust his/her dancing future to Jessica.
— Sam B. Travis County Judge
Jes Ann is absolutely one of the best dancers and teachers in the area. My dance partner and I took a private lesson with her in west coast swing a few months back and she was really able to pinpoint specific techniques that we needed to work on, as well as stylistic improvements. When asked, she also gave us new moves to incorporate into our dancing that we’ve since used in our dancing competitively and socially. Not only did we gain all this information in an hour and a half, she was also funny, inspiring and patient with us. It’s never easy to work on changes in your dancing, but Jes Ann made it fun and memorable for us. We will definitely be working with her again in the future.
— Kristen S.
We hired JesAnn to teach group classes at our office. Jes was able to take a group of people with little to no experience and create a comfort level that allowed us to take our moves to a public venue. She is a very impressive young lady with an amazing passion and talent. She can mold even the most challenged dancers with her teaching ability and patience. Jes is a confident instructor with a gentle and encouraging approach, which makes it challenging, yet fun.
— Melissa F.
Simply stated, Jes is a fabulous West Coast Swing instructor. She has a working knowledge and technical understanding of the dance, so can teach steps, technique and style all the while breaking it down into layman terminology. And she has a warehouse of patience even after the umpteenth example! A huge plus is she truly believes in every one of her dancers and seeks to make them the best they can be. We have been with Jes for a while and have also watched her grow as well in her own creativity and choreography . . . just another facet of what she brings to this dance!
— Larry and Cindy J.
Collin and I wanted to have the perfect dance for our wedding day and we knew Jes was the perfect person to help. I remember that Collin was nervous and not exactly looking forward to taking dance lessons for the first time. As we walked to the car after our first night with Jes he looked at me and said, “I think I could learn salsa too!” Ay yi yi...needless to say, it was a great experience and Jes made us both feel extremely prepared and like rockstars on our special day. We are forever grateful.
— Courtney and Collin H.
Jes Ann is an excellent dancer and an even better dance teacher. She has knowledge of a wide range of dances including smooth, rhythm, and Latin. Great ability to ferret out her student’s weaknesses and design the appropriate drills that can attack them.
— Wayne B.
I have taken lessons with Jessica for over 7 years. I have had other instructors but Jes has been one of my favorites. From ballroom dancing, to smooth / rhythm, to (one of my favorites) WC Swing. She has even choreographed dance routines for both my children’s weddings and for a special anniversary party for my wife and I. Her lessons are fun and energetic. And if we have trouble with a specific move, she modifies the move to fit our abilities. Not to mention, she encourages self expression in her students.
I believe that Jes’s influence is why my wife continue dancing and taking lessons long after others have thrown in the towel. Highly recommended!
— Cliff F.
Loved to learn and dance with Jes. You are a wonderful person and dancer!
— Bob F.
What a beautiful young and talented lady Jes Ann is! She is an amazing dancer who loves to show others the art of dancing. She helped my husband and I learn our first dance for our wedding. She did all the choreographing of the dance and then taught us both, our parts of the dance. I can honestly say from experience, she is a great teacher and even if you believe it won’t go well because your husband has two left feet... Jes Ann will figure out a way to help you because she is smart, talented and loves to dance.
— Kaitlyn T.
I have had a wonderful experience in the past five months dancing under her guidance. What I value most about Jes is her unyielding patience and open reception to those who are new to WCS or dancing in general. From her classes I have gained the confidence to go out social dancing, and now enjoy going to atleast one social dance scene a week. I would strongly recommend that anyone considering dance, make the plunge to attend her dance classes.
— Zachary R.
Loved working with Jess, she helped me to learn the basic moves, then applied my athleticism to create a fun and energetic dance routing for Dancing With the Stars Austin 2012! I always looked forward to our lessons and loved the way she was patient with me during the whole process! Thanks Jess!
— David G.
I’m glad I had a chance to learn from Jes. She is a great instructor, truly dedicated to dance, effective and patient, and brings her passion for dance into the live of her students. Jes helped me to explore West Coast Swing, explained its deep qualities, connection and musicality. I love dancing, and now it is even more enjoyable and fun.
— Olga K.
Great dancer! Great instructor! Takes the time to make students feel like she is actually invested in their development.... And an all round toptastic person!
— Andrew H.
I have taken both private lessons and group classes with JesAnn and have enjoyed learning from her. She not only has a talent for dancing but also for teaching students of all different skill levels JesAnn has the knowledge and skill set to take something that can be challenging and intimidating and make it easy to understand and practice, She is encouraging and supportive of her students, which makes trying something outside of your comfort zone achievable and fun! I would recommend her classes to anyone! :)
— Amy Lynn B.
Jes was very thorough and encouraging. She made it a point to have one on one with each person. I would recommend her and will take more of her classes in the future.
— Paul T.
5 Stars! Awesome person and great dance instructor. She is very knowledgeable in her field of west coast swing. I wish I could give her more stars.
— LaSherma W.
The first time I met JessAnn, I knew it would be a great private lesson. She is super friendly, always has a smile and takes the pressure off having to be a “perfect” dancer. You can tell she LOVES all styles of dancing, especially Salsa and West Coast Swing, in the way she teaches. I have never met such a free spirited, flexible, easy to work with woman than JessAnn. Her love for dance is infectious!
— Christine F.
JesAnn is very pleasant to work with. Her enthusiasm and love of dancing really comes through in her lessons and her desire to help you achieve a feeling of accomplishment on the dance floor
— Michael P.
Learning to partner dance is something I’ve always wanted to do. It took me until age 50, but finding Jes Ann’s classes was a treasure. She is very patient, professional and fun. Having the videos posted on the net gave me an edge on keeping up with the lessons. I’m a dancing fool now!
— Ky H.
It was such a pleasure taking private dance lessons from JesAnn. Not only is JesAnn super talented, she is a delightful person and a great teacher. She gave us the confidence that we needed to enjoy social dancing as we progressed a bit more each week as she introduced new material. Her patience and ever present smile is always appreciated.
— Lauren P.
JesAnn is a rare combination of great dancer, patient instructor, and articulate teacher. I’ve had lessons with people who can dance but aren’t great teachers - Jes is both! Yes, she will push you, but in a good way and will make sure you have fun along the way. After having worked with her for several years, I can confidently say that it doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, or you been dancing for years, she can help you!
— Derick V.
Ode to Jess:
I love to dance. My lovely dance partner, also loves to dance. Or, rather, he loves the idea of knowing how to dance. I say this because...before we met Jess, every class we tried resulted in the same thing: being in front of any other people in a class situation would cause him to freeze up, gets stressed out, and his brain and feet would turn off entirely. Watching him try to dance before we met Jess Ann was like watching someone on stage who forgot their lines and felt like the entire world was laughing at them. Many people have a fear of public speaking, and you them up there nervous and upset and struggling as they try to speak in front of an audience... that is what my husband was like in a dance class. Again... until we met Jess. This girl has the patience of a kindergarten teacher. combined with the brilliance of that one professor you had who could make super complicated concepts seem simple. Having been through at least half a dozen dance instructors (and being a teacher myself) I can say with some authority that Jess is THE best. As in the BEST of the BEST. Not a single thing I can think of that she could do better. Seriously. ( And I’m generally a pretty critical person who can think of a way to improve just about anything/anyone. It’s a flaw of mine. ;( But back to Jess. Here is what she does:
She accurately assesses her students without them even noticing she’s doing it (because she’s smiling and talking and making everyone feel comfortable and welcome). She always starts you at a level where you will have success and feel good about doing the exercise well. Maybe that is walking in a rhythm. Maybe that is clapping in a rhythm. If it is an advanced student, it might be beginning with that turn she knows you nailed last week. She remembers that stuff and always starts with something she knows you can do well. Then, she slowly moves up, (in the ed. business we call this scaffolding) step by step, letting you feel success along the way. Once you’ve been built up and feel like “Oh my goodness ! I’m doing this ! I’m doing this!” , she makes it just a teeny tiny bit harder. (ed lingo: zone of proximal development). She rotates within the students, gently offering suggestions for how to learn each step. She tailors her instructions to the learning styles of each of her students. As she moves around the room, I see her showing one student (visual learner), partnering with another (tactile learner), giving step by step instructions to be mathematically written down on a cheat sheet (analytical learner) and... letting students video tape each new step so they can practice it at home at the end of class. And can I say some more about positivity? I have only ever heard Jess being positive. Some instructors say things like “Stop that... wrong... not that way....” and other anxiety inducing phrases. (Bad teaching method of course.) Not Jess. Jess says things like: “Great. How about you try.... and see how it feels when you do this.....” and “Your arms are great, this time, try to start on the ball of your foot to see how that changes things....” and other very subtle, but positive feedback. This woman is a miracle worker. See - not a thing to improve! Jess Ann is gold. Platinum! Amazing! Thanks Jess Ann!!!!!
— Cat C.