6 Workshops - Art in Motion Dance Camp - June 17

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6 Workshops - Art in Motion Dance Camp - June 17

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Solo & Partner Dance Workshops: Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, Lindy Hop, Latin Ballroom, and West Coast Swing with 6 Fierce Female Instructors in NYC.

JesAnn is teaming up with some amazingly talented dancers to offer a wide variety of workshops in 6 different dance styles. Each instructor has a unique dance background and will be going back to their roots to offer you classes focused on how to move your body and dance with a higher quality of movement, better balance, and how to get creative with your dance. Learn footwork, arm styling, rhythm changes, and patterns / choreography to help improve your over all dance skills. Working and practicing outside of your dance-comfort-zone can help you gain confidence, feel comfortable and have more fun on the dance floor.

Please note: Both solo and partner workshops are open to anyone with at least 3 to 6 months of dance training in any style. These specialty workshops are geared towards West Coast Swing dancers because WCS is enhanced and influenced by so many dance styles (and genres of music) BUT, the workshops are open to dancers of any style. No partner needed for partner dance classes. Each Workshop is 45 minutes and there will be a 30 minute break between the solo (12 to 2:15 PM) and partner (2:45 to 5 PM) dance workshops so bring a snack and lots of water!

Ksenia Nomberg / Ballet
Paula Wilson / Modern
Exenia Rocco / Hip Hop
Chrissy Bridgeman / Lindy Hop
Jennifer Ferreira / Latin Ballroom
Jacqueline Joyner / West Coast Swing

$70 for 6 Workshops
$55 for 3 Workshops
$30 for 1 Workshop

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