WCS Friday Faves 2016 #3

Happy Frigid Friday Everyone! We are under a blizzard warning with 7 to 12 inches of snow on the way!!! Yaaaay... I love the snow! So, here are my chill, acoustic #WCSFridayFaves for this week. And personally my favorite type of music to dance to so I hope you enjoy these mellow, groovy tunes also. 

Good Luck to everyone competing this weekend at Swing Couver and Freedom!

  1. Latch-Acoustic by Sam Smith
  2. Little Talks by Julia Sheer & Jon D
  3. Aint No Sunshine by Tyrone Wells
  4. Four Five Seconds by Katja  Petri
  5. She Will Be Loved-Acoustic by Maroon 5

Check out my spotify playlist HERE for all of my #FridayFaves