WCS Friday Faves 2016 #1

Hi... Happy New Year! Here's my 1st post of "Friday Faves" for 2016... 5 Songs, some new, some old, fast, slow, you never know! Just 5 songs I like to dance West Coast Swing to. As a student, teacher, and dj of WCS, I'm always looking for new music or wanting to bring back some old jams so my goal is to share (at least) 5 songs every Friday!

You can also check out my Friday Faves Spotify playlist HERE. Cheers and Happy Dancing!


  1. Black Magic by Keyes
  2. Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez
  3. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber
  4. Stay With Me - Live From Spotify Berlin by Angus & Julia Stone
  5. We All Want The Same Thing by Rixton